june 5th, 2021

the vibin' blog: our story

Vibe Body Care is barely a year old, but the Vibe story began long before that. Our founder, Timothy Morris, has been passionate about hair care since his high school days -- and no, that's not a typo.

Tim is the 20-year-old entrepreneur who makes the Vibe brand tick, but not without help from a small but dedicated team (you'll learn about them soon).

The Vibe approach is simple: We want to create products that give everyone confidence and style. We want to change the conversation around hair care; we want to make it easy, and we want to make it fun.

The thing that sets Vibe apart is, without a doubt, the scent of our products. It’s unlike anything you’ve smelled in a hair care product, in the best and most luxurious (yet accessible) way possible. The scent of the entire Vibe line is designed to give you confidence and, dare we say it, a bit of swagger.

If you look good and you smell great, you feel even better, from A-to-Z. That’s just the Vibe way. And we’ve been all about confidence and quality from the start.

And it's been that way since before Vibe was officially a brand. Tim's interest in hair care actually started, believe it or not, with an assist from his father, a chemical engineer. 

Tim got his hands on a few products from his dad's work; he set out to develop a formula, and voila... there was Tim's first hair pomade, developed as a sophomore in high school.

A far cry from your average high school kid, yes? The products were a hit with Tim's friends, and the Vibe journey had already, in a way, begun.

Fast-forward a handful of years, and Vibe was ready for a formal lift-off, pandemic and all.

"I was ready to start my brand," Tim says. Ready doesn't begin to cover it. You see, Vibe officially debuted as a brand back in April 2020, right as the world was turned upside down during a turbulent pandemic.

Vibe started small, with 100 pomades, playing off the product Tim first made as a high school student. Once again, the pomades were a hit, and with the Vibe Website up and running and a social media presence picking up, sales quickly took off.

Production was interrupted for a couple of months through the pandemic, understandable given that Vibe products are made with care in the U.S. of A, working with small partners in California (Vibe products are made not too far outside Los Angeles).

From there, we added body wash plus hand sanitizer to fill a growing need in the market. Spray Clay and Shampoo then debuted in February 2021. We started with a run of 900 units for the ever-popular Spray Clay, which sold out in just two weeks (don’t worry: We’re much better stocked now, so go on and make a purchase or two!). Every day, dozens of folks are buying our Spray Clay.

Heck, the reason you're here reading about Vibe is our Spray Clay. It's a flagship product

that fans love, that the Vibe team loves and that plenty of our friends on Instagram love, too.

 Maybe it's the California sunshine that makes Spray Clay so popular and essential for a flexible hold and stylish hair, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

We think it could be because we focus on making products that are simple yet different and also highly effective.

Unique doesn't begin to cover it, in our humble opinion, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself (and we guarantee that you'll love the results once you start testing out our Spray Clay and much, much more).

It's all happening online, but Vibe is slowing but surely appearing at retailers near you, including Planet Beauty, not to mention some of the country's finest small barbershops and salons. There’s a good chance you’ll find Vibe at even more locations in the near future, but in the meantime, we think shopping online with us is as good as it gets.

In fact, if you find yourself in California, there's a good chance you can track down some Vibe Body Care products at a small salon or barbershop. Vibe bundles are also popular, and we think it's because they give yourself an easy way to get into the brand and get the full "Vibe effect," as we like to say.

Be it an upgrade to your daily hair care with our Spray Clay or a dose of great-smelling refreshment with Vibe Shampoo; we guarantee there’s a product for you on our well-stocked digital shelves. Not to worry: There’s more inventory on hand now than when the brand first started, and that’s great news for all of us.

Our journey is just getting started, though. We here at Vibe have plans to grow step by step, little by little. Along the way, we hope you’ll join us as we work to create hair care products with innovation, great looks, and self-confidence in mind.

"A real goal is to be able to create innovative products that give people confidence and smart style,” Tim says. Sounds pretty ideal to us.

The Vibe story is only just lifting off, and we're more than glad to have you along for the ride. Stick around, shop our favorite hair care products, and get ready to upgrade your hairdo with just a few clicks.